Payment of tuition

Photo: Eric Fecken

The amount of tuition fees is stated on the website dedicated to the payment of tuition. Please mind that the amount is most of time determined by your nationality which is why it is important for you to present the proper ID document(-s) during application - in case of double nationality or holding a residence permit. In case you suspect you might be eligible for a lower tuition fee for some reason we advise you to contact Erasmus Student Service Centre in order to clarify your status.

Depending on the information you have submitted during the application the amount of tuition fees will be determined and you will be informed about it by an automatic message from Studielink. The exact amount is visible after you log in to Studielink. Please mind that payments are possible as of mid June (as a rule). Depending on your situation you might want to check what the different possibilities of paying tuition fees are.

Please make sure you transfer the money at least two weeks before the academic year starts – international transfers take time and if your payment does not reach us on time (that is BEFORE September 1) your enrollment will not be complete and you will not be able to start your studies. Just in case we advise you to contact Erasmus Student Service Centre in order to find a solution and/ or check the progress of the payment in case you have doubt.

In case someone else is paying and you need an invoice, please follow the instructions.