After offer of admission: Master in International Public Management and Policy

In order to plan the beginning of your studies it might be useful for you to know more about the planning, as well as the content of the programme. 

Don’t forget to join our IMP Instagram as our student ambassador is happy to answer all your questions on this platform that might arise before starting your studies! Over there you can also see what kind of activities we are organising as IMP. Before the start of the new academic year (2020-2021) we will also create a private Facebook group as of August 2020, so that you will be able to connect with your future fellow students and help each other out before starting the master!


There is room for an elective in your curriculum. During the academic year you will receive more information about the registration.

In case of questions regarding electives you are welcome to use this contact form.

Catch-up readings

In your prior education some topics might not have received  the attention you might have hoped for considering the choice for the master programme of International Public Management and Public Policy. In this respect you might feel the need to catch up before you start the programme. Below you will find a list of suggested readings that provide an introduction to the major themes that we will discuss during the master programme and that might help you in preparation for it:

On the European Union:

  • Cini and Pérez-Solórzano Borragán (2019) European Union Politics (6th edition), Oxford UP (in particular chapters 1, 10-12, 16)
  • Lelieveldt and Princen (2015) The Politics of the European Union, (2nd edition) Cambridge UP

On international organizations/global governance:

On comparative public policy:

  • Bekkers, Fenger and Scholten (Eds.) (2017) Public Policy in Action. Perspectives the policy process. Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Howlett, Ramesh and Perl (2020). Studying Public Policy. Principles and Processes (4th edition), Oxford UP

On international public management:

  • Christensen & Lægreid (2013). Administrative Reforms in Western Democracies. In J. Pierre & B. G. Peters (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Public Administration (pp. 577–589). SAGE Publications Ltd.
  • Ongaro, van Thiel. Massey, Pierre, & Wollmann (2018). Public Administration and Public Management Research in Europe: Traditions and Trends. In The Palgrave Handbook of Public Administration and Management in Europe (pp. 11–39). Palgrave Macmillan UK.
  • Pollitt, van Thiel, & Homburg (2007). New Public Management in Europe. Management Online REview, 1–6. Available at:

On social science research design and methods:

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