After graduation

Health Psychology & Digital Interventions

Opportunities after graduating

After completing the master in Health Psychology & Digital Interventions you can work as a psychologist or behavioural scientist in, for example, health care, eHealth and public health organisations, business or education.

As a graduate of the Health Psychology & Digital Intervention Masters, you will be involved in designing, implementing and evaluating innovative health promotion or behaviour change interventions. Therefore, you will have many career opportunities in the field.

For example, you can start as a project coordinator, policy officer or researcher in behaviour change interventions at health promotion institutions, such as the Trimbos institute. A job as a behavioural scientist, (digital) intervention developer, UX researcher, or consultant at organisations or companies in the field of eHealth, med-tech, or public governance institutions such as the municipality of Rotterdam, is also possible. If you are more interested in research, you can also choose to apply for a PhD or get started as a teacher or researcher in your field.

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