Theses of the PhD Program

Defended PhD theses in the Erasmus International Off-Campus PhD Program on Cleaner Production, Cleaner Products, Industrial Ecology and Sustainability


  • Freire da Silva, P.A. (2014). Green Chemistry, Green Engineering and Eco-Innovation Towards a More Sustainable Petrochemical Industry:
    Determinants of Brazilian Petrochemical Companies´ Engagement in GCE-Based Eco-Innovation Processes.
    PhD Thesis Erasmus University Rotterdam, June 19th 2014.  
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  • Park, J. (2014). Responsible Investing in the Asia-Pacific Region: Understanding Sustainability and Investments in Japan and  Hong Kong/China. PhD Thesis Erasmus University Rotterdam, June 19th 2014.  
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  • Hoof, B. van (2013) Supply Networks for Cleaner Production: framework for environmental improvement of small and medium sized firms in emerging markets. PhD Thesis Erasmus University Rotterdam, November 14th 2013.  
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  • El-Mubarak, Aarif, Some Pesticides and Phthalates as Endocrine Disrupters: Their Effects on Wildlife and Humans. PhD Thesis Erasmus University Rotterdam, 11 December 2003 
  • Philippacopoulos, Ilias, Changing Hellenic Industrial Sector - The Country's chances, the Society's choices and the Government's challenges to facilitate the changes. PhD Thesis Erasmus University Rotterdam, 11 September 2003 



  • Koziol, Natasha, The Institutionalization of Sustainability Reporting – Riding the Ways of Accounting. PhD Thesis Erasmus University Rotterdam, 14 December 2000 
  • Barnes, Phil, A comparative analysis of multinational facilities in the European Union and United States during implementation of ISO 14001. Ph.D. Thesis Erasmus University Rotterdam, 17 November 2000 
  • Serret, Ysé, Calculation of Industrial Dynamics within Environmental Policies. PhD thesis defended in Paris (France) for a joint defence committee of l'Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and the Erasmus University Rotterdam, 29 May 2000