Advisors and Supervisors

  • Dr. Leo Baas

    Dr. Leo Baas

    • Professor Industrial Ecology at the Department of Mangament and engineering at Linköping Universityin Sweden since May 2009.
    • Co-founder of the International Off-Campus PhD Programme on Cleaner Production, Cleaner Products, Industrial& Sustainibilty in1995.
    • Active in academic and professional advisory boards including the UNEP/UNIDO National Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centres Programme and the University of Sonora, Mexico.
    • Has organised and convened workshops at the European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production and the European Group on Organizational Studies (EGOS).
    • Author of many publications and international lecturer.
    • Member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Cleaner Productions and the International Journal on Preformability Engineering.
    • PhD in Social Science, Erasmus University 2005, Title: Cleaner Productions and Industrial Ecology; Dynamic Aspects of the Introduction and Dissmenination of New Concepts in Industrial Practice.
  • Dr. Frank Boons

    Dr. Frank Boons

    Frank Boons is Program Director of the international PhD program on Cleaner Production, Cleaner Products, Industrial Ecology and Sustainability. Since 2006 he works at the department of Public Administration, where he coordinates a research cluster on the Governance of material and energy flows, as well as the social science track of the Master Industrial Ecology (Leiden/Delft University). He is general editor of the Edward Elgar book series The Social Dimension of Industrial Ecology.

    His research concerns the way in which material and energy flows interact with the governance of social systems. More specifically, he focuses on the way in which firms deal with their ecological and social impact, acknowledging that this requires a study of production and consumption as a complex social-ecological system.

    • He has published widely on this topic in international journals including Ecological Economics, Emergence, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Journal of Cleaner Production, Technovation, International Studies in Management and Organization, and Business Strategy and the Environment.
    • He has also published several books, of which the latest are Creating Ecological Value (2009) and the Social Embeddedness of Industrial Ecology (2009, co-edited with Jennifer Howard-Grenville).
  • Dr. Jan-Jaap Bouma

    Dr. Jan-Jaap Bouma

    • Chairman, Erasmus Centre for Sustainability and Management (ESM), Erasmus University of Rotterdam.
    • Visiting professor in environmental economics and management at Gent University in Belgium, where he lectures and works on research in economic analysis on cross-border water management and environmental accounting.
    • Current research interests are in environmental accounting, environmental valuation and cost-benefit analyses at a macro and micro level. Has published several books and many articles on the cutting-edge of economical science and environmental and water management.
    • PhD (1995) Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1995 on environmental management in the Dutch Royal Air force and industrial corporations.
  • Dr. Wim Hafkamp

    Dr. Wim Hafkamp

    Professor dr. Wim Hafkamp is an environmental economist from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and currently researching transport, environment, infrastructure and urban development. He is the Scientific Director of the PhD Program.

    Professor dr. Wim Hafkamp was the dean of the Social Science Faculty from 2001-2005 at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Until the end of 2006 he was a visiting professor at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. 
    Since February 1st 2007, Professor dr. Wim Hafkamp is the scientific director of the Nicis Institute.

    Wim Hafkamp is an economist with a main focus on urban issues and sustainable development for his research. Wim Hafkamp is a boardmember of the Nicis Institute and the head of the Nicis College for Urban Innovation. Apart from this, Wim Hafkamp is a member of the Economic Development Board Rotterdam.

  • Dr. Donald Huisingh

    Dr. Donald Huisingh

    • Senior Scientist in Sustainable Development, Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and on the faculty at five other universities internationally.
    • Editor-in-Chief and founder of the Journal of Cleaner Production
    • Research focus on policy and technology for cleaner production, sustainable consumption and waste minimization.
    • A leading developer of interdisciplinary educational materials and cutting edge curricula building leadership among students and faculty.
    • Author or co-author of more than 240 professional publications, audio-visual productions and simulations.
    • Winner of the “International Environmental Leadership,” Award by the Banksia Environmental Foundation of Australia in September 2000.
    • PhD (1965) University of Wisconsin, Biochemistry and Plant Pathology
  • Dr. Peter Scholten

    Dr. Peter Scholten

    Dr. Peter Scholten is a governance and sustainability specialist with a background in Social and Political Sciences of the Environment. Peter is coordinator of the program. He is assistant professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he works at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development studies (IHS). His research focusses on the Governance of Sustainable Urban Resources. He specializes in leadership strategies and integrated planning in complex environments of decision-making and conflict, specifically concerning natural resources such as water, energy and food. He also works as an individual consultant for Academic Alternative, research training and advisory services and is co-founder of the ‘nurturing landscapes’ approach for sustainable and integrated landscape & resources planning.