Organisational Psychology

Prof. dr. Arnold B. Bakker - Programme coordinator Organisational Psychology

"Within the Work and Organisational Psychology group, we study personal selection, processes in organizations, and groups, but a central research topic is employee work engagement. Work engagement is an affective-motivational state that is characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption. More specifically, engaged workers are full with energy, enthusiastic about their work, and they often forget the time when they are working.

Our research has revealed that a combination of job demands and resources is responsible for employee work engagement. Work environments that have sufficient challenges (e.g. complex, interesting tasks), limited hindrance job demands (e.g., role ambiguity), and sufficient job resources (feedback, social support, skill variety, etc.), are most likely to facilitate engagement. However, our research clearly indicates that employees can also optimize their job demands and resources themselves. When crafting their jobs, employees mobilize their job resources, and take on the tasks that fit best to their personal preferences and abilities. This job crafting contributes to organisational performance, even on a daily basis."

Prof. dr. Arnold B. Bakker - Programme coordinator Organisational Psychology




The mission of the program is to conduct applied research into processes underlying human wellbeing and performance in organizational and work settings, specifically by focusing on work engagement and the effects of job demands and resources, and personality and individual difference factors.
  • Bakker, A. 
  • Born, M.
  • Breevaart, K.
  • Derks, D.
  • Du, D.
  • Fortuin, D.
  • Gawke, J.
  • Gorgievski, M.   
  • Hiemstra, A.
  • Van der Linden, D.
  • Van Mierlo, H.
  • Ma, X.
  • Moore, H.
  • Noordzij, G.
  • Op den Kamp, E.   
  • Pekaar, K.

  • Petrou, P.
  • Postema, A.
  • Purba, D.
  • Reina Tamayo, A.
  • Serlie, A.
  • De Vries, J
  • Wilkenloh, J.
  • Van Wingerden, J.        

Publications of this Programme

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