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Henri Jacobs + Koen Taselaar

Erasmus Gallery - April 13 t / m July 7, 2017

For the first time the work of Koen Taselaar and Henri Jacobs is brought together in the duo exhibition JA JA TA TA in the Erasmus Gallery, Erasmus University Rotterdam. For this occasion Taselaar and Jacobs interplay with their work. The work will not only be presented side by side but also over each other.

Next to the image letters and text are a focus point in the work of Koen Taselaar (1986). Existing or homemade lettering and fonts that are created by Taselaar, are stacked, structured and composed in a layered composition. His often humorous ingenuity and direct way of working makes his work free and absolute boundless.

The drawings of Henri Jacobs (1957), are characterized by a virtuous technique, highly precise and playful at the same time. Since 2003 Jacobs is working on the project 'Journal Drawings ", an ongoing series of drawings in which Jacobs repeatedly develops designs and shapes with the at most precision. In the work of Jacobs references to art history and artists such as Matisse and Jasper Johns are often found. In addition to drawings Jacobs also makes tapestries.

For the stairwells of the renovated University Library of the Erasmus University Jacobs has designed two large tapestries, which will be shown after the opening of the library late May 2017.

Erasmus Gallery AB-57 exhibition JA TA TA JA: 13/04 to 7/7, Mon-Fri 9-18.
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