Pedagogical Sciences


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Welcome to the world of Pedagogical Sciences

Are you interested in finding out what works and what does not work for children in urban schools and in classrooms with diverse student populations? Would you like to make a contribution to future innovations in education around the world? Do you wonder about the impact of parenting, daycare, or social media on child development? Do you want to know whether children should be raised by their mother, father, grandparents, professional caretakers, or teachers? If the answer is yes, then Pedagogical Sciences in Rotterdam is the right choice for you! For the past three years the curriculum of the Bachelor’s programme in Pedagogical Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam has been evaluated by students as one of the best academic programmes in the Netherlands. Moreover, an independent committee that evaluates the quality of all Bachelor’s programmes in Pedagogical Sciences in the Netherlands has rated the Bachelor’s programme in Pedagogical Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam as the best in the Netherlands!