Picking courses

Courses for exchange students

While filling out the online application form you must also fill out the choice of courses you are intending to follow. Please keep in mind that picking courses is an important part in planning your exchange, so please read the information on these pages carefully. 

There are three options for picking courses:

  1. Students applying to ESSB who wish to follow courses in the fields of Public AdministrationSociologyPedagogy or Psychology are able to choose from the courses taught at ESSB.
  2. Under certain conditions exchange students of ESSB may also take courses at other faculties of EUR (not more than 1 course per semester). Please mind that own students of these faculties have an advantage while registering for their courses.
  3. Students admitted to other faculties who are interested in courses in one of the disciplines taught at ESSB can choose from the courses taught at ESSB that are open to students of other disciplines.

You can see the general course descriptions and in which block a course is taught by clicking on one of the following links below. This can be used for general guidance in the beginning of the planning, when you choose courses. 

Exchange schedule

Knowing the courses you are intending to follow, you can also create an individualized exchange schedule. Please keep in mind the general academic calendar while picking courses. This can also be of use during your planning of exchange and creating your course schedule.

Please consider that the sooner you know your course selection and the sooner we approve of it the sooner you know your planning of exchange!