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Do you want to help organisations solve their problems in a professional way? Are you interested in the ways the brain functions and how you can develop talent through education? If so, choose one of the best programmes in Psychology according to students!

Psychology in Rotterdam provides educational programmes on various subjects, such  as cognition, learning, addiction, motivation, normal and abnormal behaviour. We offer a series of English language education programmes, including one Bachelor programme and three Master degree specialisations. Particularly the focus on practice is highly valued among students and professors. This is also one of the reasons why Psychology in Rotterdam is considered to be one of the best Psychology programmes in the Netherlands of past eleven years! Our research meets the highest international standards and disseminates applicable psychological knowledge in the fields of Brain and Cognition, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, Educational and Developmental Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Research Methods and Techniques.




‘Difficult’ patients increase doctors’ misdiagnosis risk regardless of case complexity

Patients regarded as ‘difficult’ increase doctors’ risk of getting a diagnosis wrong, irrespective of the time spent or the complexity of the case, finds research done by psychologist prof.dr. Henk Schmidt, dr. Silvia Mamede et al. from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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