Why study the Off-Campus PhD programme

In the PhD Programme on Industrial Ecology, Cleaner Production and Sustainable Development at Erasmus University Rotterdam, you will develop research skills and scientific knowledge on sustainability issues. You will conduct your PhD research with the guidance and supervision of highly skilled professors and researchers. 

You will attend the annual PhD Programme Intensive held in Rotterdam - The Netherlands in July/August. During this two-week intensive you attend courses, present the progress of your research and receive feedback from supervisors, professors and fellow PhD candidates. 

You will learn from the best, as the department of Public Administration at Erasmus University is ranked worldwide number one in the Shanghai Ranking 2017 and 2018 for public administration. 

Working independently functioned very well for me because I was able to continue working full time while pursuing the PhD. I doubt I would have been able to get a PhD any other way and I am a self-driven, organized person so being left to my own devices worked for me.
Mary Ann Curran (USA) - Alumni 2008

PhD Candidates

  • Kelly Longfellow (USA) currently works as Sustainability Program Manager for General Services Administration (US Federal Agency). Her PhD research is based on Faith and Ecology. 

  • Lloyd Chubbs (Canada) acts as a Support and Procurement Agency Principal Embedded Planner (Engineering) at NATO. His academic profile combines social and earth sciences. He holds a BsC. in History and a BsC. in Geology and a master in Civil Engineering. 

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