• 2nd of February, lecture EU’s migrant return policy: between law and practice with law expert dr. Jorrit Rijpma at Erasmus University and sociologist dr. Erik Snel as discussant. From 15:00 till 17:00 at CB-4, Theil building
  • 19th of March, a film and discussion round on young female migrants in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Sudan with dr. Katarzyna Grabska at the Institute of Social Sciences in the Hague. From 16.15 till 18.00 at Aula ISS
  • 10th of April, International Series meets EMDI lecture with prof. Eleanor Koffman at Erasmus University on "Gender and European refugee flows : representations and realities"
  • Also in April, lecture on ‘Ethnic Profiling’ and its implications with Prof. dr. Arjen Leerkes and a spokesperson from the Dutch police at Erasmus University.
  • In May, a film and discussion round  film with Dr. Katarzyna Grabska on her film "Barbara Harrel-Bond" with refugee and human rights organizations at the Institute of Social Sciences in the Hague.
  • 22th of June, end of the year lecture on asylum seekers and war trauma with specialized psychologists, and shining some light on Eid at Erasmus University.

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