Education Sciences

Education Sciences

Program coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sabine Severiens

The Education Sciences research programme aims to uncover processes in education in which social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds relate to inequality of opportunities. These processes involve phenomena that are more or less visible, conscious and implicit and take place at interacting individual, school and societal levels. The research programme leaves from a common theoretical framework that includes recent insights from, among others, research on super-diversity, multicultural education and deficit thinking, and cultural responsiveness.

The following research topics can be discerned:

Prof. Dr. Sabine Severiens, Dr. Lonneke de MeijerProfessional capacity in urban schools
Dr. Marieke Meeuwisse, Dr. Lonneke de MeijerDiversity, motivation, well-being and study success in higher education
Prof. Dr. Roel van Steensel, Dr. Lesya GanuschakReading and family literacy programs in low socio-economic and multilingual settings
Prof. Dr. Sabine Severiens, Dr. Brian GodorCommunity and extracurricular projects in disadvantaged areas

The programme employs a broad range of methods, varying from ethnographic and qualitative methodology to quasi-experimental and quantitative research making use of large scale data collection or secondary data analyses on data from OECD research such as TALIS and PISA.