Admission requirements for Off-Campus PhD programme

Diploma requirements

Candidates are admitted if they hold a relevant Master Degree issued by a university in the Netherlands. Candidates from other countries must provide a master diploma from a recognised university. 

In addition to this, intended candidates must have published research articles, working papers and other relevant research publications showing his/her experience in researching and publishing. 

Intended candidates may hold master's degrees from the following fields of studies:

  • Environmental management
  • Economics and finances
  • Biology and life sciences
  • Engineering
  • Public Administration, international relationships
  • Sociology and anthropology
  • Political Science and law
  • Spatial and urban planning and architecture

Other areas of study might be considered as exemptions for admission. 

English language requirements

A good command of English is essential. 

Exemption from language proficiency requirement

You might be exempted from the language skill requirement if:

  • You are a native speaker of English (i.e. a national of one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States of America) and you have obtained a diploma of secondary education in English or went to secondary/high school with English as the language of instruction for at least 2,5 years in one of the above-mentioned countries;
  • You have obtained a diploma of International Baccalaureate (valid for 5 years);
  • You have obtained your diploma of higher education in English (the entire programme) in one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom or the United States of America;
    • Please note that in case you believe that you qualify for exemption you need to present a proof thereof. If you have obtained your diploma of higher education in English we need to see a written proof of it in the form of either a passage in the diploma, grade list, or a letter from the university stating that the language of instruction was English for the entire programme. 

You can demonstrate your English skills in the following ways: 

Language Test

Minimum Score

Minimum Sub-scores

TOEFL (our TOEFL ID Code 5971)90 (internet based)
CEF (Common European Framework)C1-level
Cambridge EFL (English as a Foreign Language) ExaminationsCAE level B
CPE level C

Please note that the test may not be older than two years at the time of application. Also note that it takes several weeks before the results of the tests are known. Take this into consideration when you think of applying. Without the results, we will not be able to assess your application. 

Quality Assurance and Evaluation

In order to ensure that the highest academic standards are established and adhered to by all within the programme, the Board of Deans at Erasmus University is the formally responsible authority for the acceptance of and admission to the PhD. The Dutch Organisation for International Co-operation in High-Level Education (NUFFIC) independently advises the Board of Deans in the admissions procedure.