The alumni of the programme mostly continue their lives, for example, as a sustainable entrepreneur, consultant or policy-maker. 

The program left me the chance to choose my own topic, and shape and develop it with the program staff.
Simona Rocchi (Italy) - Alumni 2005
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This program helped me to improve my ability to communicate my theoretical knowledge toward helping to build more sustainable cities.
Bogachan Bayulken (Turkey) - Alumni 2016
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The off-campus program well fitted into my motivation to pursue my studies while working in the ministry of environment. The formal “intensive” program initially helped me to improve my original project proposal and thereafter better access to knowledge and information on Cleaner Production, Industrial Ecology and Sustainability”. During my study period of the Ph.D. I received a promotion as the Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Environment. At present I am retired but continue to assist the ministry especially in policy development.
Leela Padmini Batuwitage (Sri Lanka) - Alumni 2011