Research programmes

Public Administration

Our research in Public Administration is organised in two research groups:

Comparative Public Services Innovation (CPSI)

Public services have undergone major changes in recent decades. The Comparative Public Services Innovation research group looks at changes in the institutional setting of public services, changes in the organisation and management of these services, and changes in service delivery processes. We also study the effect of these changes on effectiveness, legitimacy and self-organisation. The research group is lead by Victor Bekkers, Walter Kickert, Bram Steijn, and Steven Van de Walle, and combines a team of 15-20 faculty, as well as a group of junior researchers and PhD students.

Governance of Complex Systems (GOCS)

This research group focuses complex governance systems especially the systems dealing with urban and regional development, water systems and infrastructure development. During the last decade this research group chaired by Geert Teisman, Erik-Hans Klijn and Jurian Edelenbos has build up a strong position in studying complex governance processes and governance networks. It rapidly developed an outstanding national and international reputation in the scientific communities on public administration and network and complexity theory and is part of highly esteemed research networks of scientists and practitioners like Habiforum and Living with Water in the Netherlands and Netlipse in Europe. The members of this group participate in a variety of national and international research networks, editorial boards and advisory boards.