Education after the Christmas break

Dear ESSB students,

In these unprecedented times we understand that questions may arise about our education in 2020-2021 at Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. At the start of this academic year we promised that you would be able to acquire credits remotely at least until the Christmas break. Meaning, if due to the outbreak of COVID-19 you were unable to travel to Rotterdam you could participate in your program remotely until Christmas. We also promised to provide more information about what would happen after Christmas in the fall.

At the moment, we deem it unlikely that the campus will be fully open and without restrictions in January 2021. Possibly there will also still be travel restrictions that limit people from travelling to Rotterdam. We have therefore decided to extend the guarantee we have given to you. This means that when live education resumes on campus, MISOC students will not be required nor requested to travel (back) to the campus. We guarantee that ESSB students will be able to acquire credits remotely for the rest of academic year 2020-2021. Please note that time slots for courses and tests will continue to be based on the Central European Time zone (CET) and depending on your time zone this could mean you have to attend a tutorial meeting or make an exam in the middle of the night.

Nb. This does not mean education will continue be completely online for the entire academic year. We of course hope we will be able to (safely) offer more education live on campus soon, however when this happens you will not be required to travel to campus. We of course do invite you to do so, as this will allow you to (re)connect with (some of) your classmates, tutors and lecturers offline, see the campus, explore the city, and of course participate in live education.

If you feel like your circumstances affect or limit your ability to participate in (remote) education, please contact the student advisors to discuss your situation. You can contact the student advisors by filling in the contact form or calling them. Information on this can be found on the MyEUR ESSB Contact webpage, under student advice and personal matters (

We wish you good luck for the rest of this special, academic year.

Kind regards,

Educational Management ESSB