Adham Aly, student Governance of Migration and Diversity (Public Administration)

Amongst the infinite possibilities that are available today, EUR offered me the best opportunity
Adham Aly

After my Bachelor, I once again had to ask myself the everlasting question: what now? And most importantly, what’s next? My Bachelor was in International Management and Business, and once graduated I felt the need to change my field of study. I wanted to study something socially impactful and expand my horizon whilst being able to actually help people in this troublesome world. Myself, being a so-called “second generation migrant”, born and raised in Milan (Italy) by Egyptian parents, have always had a special connection to the phenomenon of migration, and felt a particular empathy and passion towards helping migrants. Growing up, seeing the hustle of my parents and looking at their journey has cleared the vision of my future.

But before anything could be done, I had to increase my academic and cultural knowledge about migration. That’s when Erasmus University Rotterdam came into play. Amongst the infinite possibilities that are available today, EUR offered me the best opportunity: a specific Master covering the vital topic of migration in today’s society, I really couldn’t pass on this experience. So far, this Master has exceeded my expectations. The professors who have covered the courses until now, have an extremely high level of expertise.  One of the many things I have learned and improved this year is critical thinking. To not take things for granted, but to dig deeper in every notion and every news article. The best example is the concept of “integration”. We hear this word continuously on a daily basis, but what is integration really? From which perspective should we look at it or when can we call it successful? Indeed, critical thinking.

Lastly, this Master pushed me into creating bridges rather than building walls. In today’s public debate, this necessity could not be any more impellent.