Dalilah Pichler, student Management of Governance Networks

My personal highlight is the almost weekly governance lab session, which provides a practical insight into real life public projects.
Dalilah Pichler

The reason I chose the Master programme Management of Governance Networks was its focus on how to tackle complex societal issues using a holistic and integrative approach within public administration and governance. This proposition struck me as a unique one compared to other Master programmes I had encountered during my search. Given my background in business administration and management, I was looking for the perfect mix between public management and political science. In my opinion, this Master has this perfect balance and focuses on collaboration, interactive governance and network management to tackle complex societal issues from a public-sector perspective.


The size of the group of students in my year was small, therefore I experienced great support amongst us and the forming of a close community. Furthermore, our professors, who are leading scholars in the field of Public Administration, are approachable and always open to suggestions and feedback, which contributes to a prosperous learning environment. On the one hand we had courses with a smaller group size, which made interactive sessions and lively discussions possible. On the other, there were also lectures together with other Master programmes, which contributes to a greater exchange on a variety of topics, such as views on democracy, sustainability and media logic. I find that the work load is tough, but the learning outcomes are immense. There is a balanced mix of assignments, papers, exams, presentations and creative group projects which test and enhance both hard and soft skills. My personal highlight however, is the almost weekly governance lab session, which provides a practical insight into real life public projects. It ranges from learning from network managers in huge infrastructure projects to visiting sites of innovative citizen-driven initiatives. This gave us valuable input for potential positions and career paths for our future, and in some cases even paved the way for internship possibilities.


Overall, I found the past months intense. But my most important gain was to learn how collaborative and integrative solutions, even if they are complex, are not impossible. Through interaction with experts from the academic and practical field, the range of governance possibilities was made feasible during this Master programme.