Frederieke Dijkhuizen, student International Public Managment and Policy

You will work with amazing fellow students from all over the globe and you will be prepared for a successful career in the international public sector.
Frederieke Dijkhuizen

In the third year of my Bachelor in International Business Administration, I realised that business may not be the direction I want to go in my career. I wanted to learn about real problems, about, as I feel it, the important things that happen in this world. I enjoy thinking about the so-called bigger picture and contributing to make this world a better world, and I felt that I was not able to do this studying business. After my internship at the Dutch embassy in Madrid I knew: I want to study public management. 

Dutch universities offer plenty of possibilities for those that wish to study public administration. I therefore, for a short period, wasn’t sure where I wanted to go for my Master, but the numerous possibilities that the International Public Management and Policy (IMP) programme at Erasmus University offers, made it an easy choice in the end. The IMP programme stands out for all the opportunities it offers the students: what public administration student would not want to go to the United Nations in Geneva, the heart of the huge machine that we call the EU in Brussels and get it touch with many other relevant organisations? 

I can honestly say that applying for the IMP programme has been, without doubt, the right choice for me. All lectures are given in small classes by dedicated and involved professors and due to the high number of applications for the programme each year, programme management is able to select only those students that are truly motivated. This results in an inspiring, international and high-level working environment, in which all students aim to make the most out of their year as an IMP student. Throughout the year, you are being prepared for entering the job market in the search for your first job. Among other things, there are a number of meet ups with alumni students that will tell you about their experiences and their jobs, as well as meeting with possible future employers such as the Red Cross, the WTO and the Clingendael Institute. 

I would recommend the IMP programme to anyone who is ready for a year of work hard, play hard, in which you will meet the most inspiring people, in which you will work with amazing fellow students from all over the globe and in which you will be prepared for a succesful career in the international public sector.