Arts & Culture Programme

What is the Arts & Culture Programme?

The Arts & Culture Programme is a one-year, extra-curricular programme exclusively offered at EUC, which provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich and vibrant arts and culture sector of Rotterdam, as well as engage with many different artistic disciplines. In addition, students function as ambassadors for arts and culture at EUC, by organizing cultural events for their fellow students.

During three courses in collaboration with renowned cultural partners, workshops and visits to performances and exhibitions, participating students explore the value of art and culture and follow their own cultural interests, all the while reflecting on the field from academic and social perspectives. We aim for a small group of ten students to participate in the Arts & Culture Programme each year, in order to create a strong team spirit and enable effective and thorough collaboration.

What will you do?


Each quad, students participate in a course organized in collaboration with a renowned partner from the arts and culture sector. Courses consist of 3-5 sessions and are aimed at providing students with in-depth encounters with a specific artistic discipline and institution, from which they do not only obtain knowledge and experiences, but also contribute to in varying ways.


Interactive workshops give students the opportunity to engage with different artistic disciplines in a more practical manner.

Cultural Visits

Throughout the year, students visit exhibitions, performances and other cultural events. These visits are usually accompanied by an informative element, such a guided tour, lecture or interview. Each year, students are given the opportunity to organize their own field trip to a cultural institution, event or city in the Netherlands or abroad.   

Ambassador Events

In their role as ambassadors for arts and culture at EUC, the students organize a minimum of four cultural events for their peers.

Final Essay

In the summer term, students complete the programme by writing an academic essay exploring the value of art and/or culture.

Upon completing the entire programme, students receive 5 EC worth in extra credit.

Who do we work with?

Each year, we work with different organizations in Rotterdam and beyond to offer courses and numerous cultural workshops and visits. In previous years, we have worked with, among others: Arab Film Festival, an artistic forum where a nuanced image of the cultural, political, social, and artistic situations in the Arab world is shown. Landmerk College for Rhetoric, which offers high quality educational programmes for a broad and in depth intellectual development of its students, often focused on the skills to reason and communicate effectively.

For the Arts and Culture Programme they have developed a short course on Rhetoric. Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, an internationally renowned public institution in the field of contemporary art and its related discourses. Critical reflection on timely issues through curated exhibitions, theoretical and educational programmes and a bold publishing arm is core to its mission. Powerhouse Company, an architectural firm is specialized in architecture, interior design, and urban research, working on many international projects, some of which have received wide recognition. The firm has offices in Rotterdam, Copenhagen and Beijing.

In addition, the Arts and Culture Programme draws upon its many other connections to organize workshops and visits to concerts, visits, exhibitions, performances and other cultural activities in Rotterdam and, occasionally, beyond. 

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