Introduction to Disciplines from Heads of Departments

Read below about the different specialisation possibilities and how the heads of departments describe their areas of academic focus. Check our Majors & Minors page for the exact list of options.

Dr. Christa van Wijnbergen, Head of Department Economics & Business

We want to make our students into all-round players.

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"Economics and Business is everywhere; it is intermingled with daily lives on a local as well as on a global level. Thus, it should come as no surprise that we want to make our students in Economics & Business into all-round players: wherever they are, they should feel at home, and be ready to think, act and take on responsibility.

That is precisely why we offer them a solid basis in Economic & Business theories. We do this together with leading institutions in this field: the Erasmus School of Economics and the Rotterdam School of management. Excellent professors at these schools will train our students throughout the curriculum.

Next to that it is imperative that students become familiar with daily practices. Thanks to an extensive network of entrepreneurs, managers, policymakers and leaders in business at our disposal, we are able to offer our students this experience at an early stage. In this way the EUC curriculum fosters the development of an entrepreneurial attitude.

An important component is the major you choose at EUC. Our combination of disciplines will help our students appreciate the importance of these insights in understanding and respecting the wider world around them as managers, business leaders or policymakers. In order to reach these academic goals, we will ask the students to go the extra mile. We are however fully convinced that EUC students are able to live up to that challenge!”

Dr. Robin van den Akker, Head of Department Humanities

Our students are always able to put a situation into different perspectives.

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“What I think is important about humanities is that it shapes our thoughts by layering them. A student trained in humanities is always able to put a situation into different perspectives. So, when looking at the news it is not just the events that show themselves, but also the historical and ethical dimension of these events.

The multiplicity of the perspectives will allow these students to make more nuanced and accurate judgments.

Furthermore thorough elaboration on ‘the human condition’ will contribute to a fuller understanding of why people act or why people do not act. However, students trained in humanities do not only distinguish themselves by their intellectual capacities. For me, embracing humanities means that a repertoire to act and to connect opens itself. In the end it will offer a vision on the world around us.”

Dr. Kees Vink, Head of Department Life Sciences

We aim to share our fascination for 'life' with the students.

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“Within the Life Sciences Majors offered at EUC, we aim to share our fascination for 'life' with the students, teach them the fundamental aspects of biology (both theoretical and practical), train them to develop an academic, critical way of thinking, and guide them in building a solid foundation for their future careers.

The strong international reputation of the Erasmus Medical Center (Erasmus MC) in biomedical research has played a crucial role in designing the Life Sciences Major. Consequently, there is a strong focus on medical biology in some of the offered Majors. Most Majors however, cover the basic concepts of all of the important disciplines within modern biology, including evolutionary biology, plant biology and environmental biology.

Apart from the pre-defined Majors, which guarantee an optimal preparation for entry to various Master programmes, there is ample opportunity for Life Sciences students to choose their own set of courses.

Among the pre-defined Majors, a special position is occupied by the so-called Medical Track. This Major prepares students for a 1-year Connection Programme after graduation that will subsequently prime students to enter the Erasmus MC Medical Master. Note, that a total of 24 EUC Medical Track graduates per year will be selected to enter the Connection Programme, which will be organised by the Erasmus MC. Furthermore, a maximum of 10 graduates from EUC's Pre-Med Major who do not wish to follow the Dutch-spoken programmes offered in the Erasmus MC Premaster and Erasmus MC Medicine Master are eligible to apply to the English-spoken programme of the Medical School of St. George's University (SGU) in Grenada. 

The study of 'life' is a wonderful, challenging and rewarding experience. I hope you'll choose Life Sciences and share this experience with us!”

Dr. Gera Noordzij, Head of Department Social & Behavioural Sciences

We look at human behaviour and how it relates to society.

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"What I think is important about Social and Behavioural Science is that it covers a broad area of human behavior as it relates to society. A student trained in one of the majors in Social and Behavioural Science is able to investigate problems in society that are connected to individuals’ behaviour and individuals’ relationship to systems, such as family, schools, social groups, organizations, political institutions, and legal systems.

So, if you are intrigued by international relations and globalization, fascinated by the dynamics and consequences of social and ethnic inequality, ponder as to why people are the way they are and behave the way they do, are captivated by the question of why law plays a vital role in the society that you live in, and most importantly, wonder how you can help to improve our society, you will make the right choice by majoring in Social and Behavioural Science.

As a graduate of Erasmus University College with a major(s) in Social and Behavioural Science you will have a strong academic foundation accompanied with research and other skills from the social and behavioural science disciplines. This knowledge and skills will equip you well for a later career, whether in science or in society.

Your major is concluded with a capstone, the master proof of you exploring in-depth a topic of your choice, under the guidance of a supervisor.  And after that? Graduation of course, and perhaps continuing with a master study, or work, or spending time abroad, the future is yours. Though, we will remain connected through our EUC alumni network.

If you need advice during your studies, to make up your mind about further studies and career: our guidance staff can help you.