Arts & Culture Programme

What is the Arts & Culture Programme?

At EUC we offer students the possibility to enrich their academic study by participating in the Arts & Culture Programme, an extra-curricular programme during which a small group of students explores the relationship between art and science.

Collaborations between artists, designers and scientists happen more and more frequently, mainly as a response to the extremely complex societal problems facing humanity today (such as climate change, the refugee crisis, A.I.). The arts provide new ways of thinking, alternative methods and an incentive for interdisciplinary collaborations, which all contribute to the exploration of these complex issues and finding ways to deal with them.

Over the past few years interest (of universities, the cultural sector, governments and businesses) in art/science collaborations has grown exponentially, and at EUC we aim to be at the forefront of educating students who can answer the growing call for professionals who can collaborate across disciplines to combine different types of knowledges (scientific, artistic, societal) in order to approach challenging issues in new and creative ways.

The Arts & Culture Programme lays the groundwork for this during a one-year programme, in which students from different years and majors are exposed to several artistic disciplines (film, music, dance, literature, visual art, design), explore art/science collaborations and work on merging their own academic practices with artistic ones. In addition, participating students organize events for the EUC community, which does not only ensure the dissemination of art throughout EUC, but helps students develop their organizational and collaborative skills.

Applying for the Programme

We aim for a small group of ten students to participate in the Arts & Culture Programme each year, in order to create a strong team spirit and enable effective and thorough collaboration. We expect participating students to have an open and curious attitude, and show high levels of motivation and enthusiasm. Additionally, students have to be able to work effectively in a team and be willing to act as ambassadors for arts and culture at EUC.  In principle the programme is open for all EUC students. However, third years should consider whether they are able to fully commit to this intensive programme.

The ACP starts in November, and continues until the end of the academic year. There are is one mandatory session per week during quads, except for exam weeks. Although sometimes preparation for a session is required, this is always kept to a minimum to ensure an acceptable work load next to regular courses. The programme can only succeed with a committed group of students who attend all sessions. Students will have to leave the programme in case of insufficient attendance or lack of commitment. 

When and how to apply

The application deadline for ACP 2019-2020 is Sunday 29th September 2019. Your application should contain:

1.            Your Curriculum Vitae
2.            Video (max. 5 min.), in which you answer the following questions:

Why do you want to be part of the ACP?

What do you expect of the programme?

What artistic expression (artwork, book, film, etc.) would you like to share with your fellow ACP students, and why?

If you could organize an ACP event for your fellow students, what would it be?

You can send the video as a file or send on the link to where we can find this video. Please ensure that this all works, as we cannot not accept applications with no/dysfunctional videos. Also, note that these videos are not geared at giving us an impression of your filmmaking abilities, but are aimed at giving us an impression of you.  And even though we’d like to see your face in the video, feel free to use different means of communicating your answers.

Send your application to under the e-mail subject ‘ACP Application’. You will hear from us within two weeks whether you have been accepted to the ACP.

For more information follow us on Facebook, Instagram or check out the attached ACP Brochure, which includes an overview of the ACP 2018-2019 and student reflections. If you have any questions, you can approach or email coordinators Bart Hesseling ( or Tamara de Groot (