In January 2015, ten students and two staff members traveled to Marondera in Zimbabwe. Everybody had to partake in three different tasks.

First, the students were divided in four groups to conduct research. They were free to pick any subject that triggered their interest and crafted their research questions together with local students from a high school in the area. Supervision of the research was done by the teaching staff who accompanied the students on the trip as well as the dean of EUC after the return to the Netherlands. The research projects involved intense preparation before the trip, a lot of interviewing and observing in Marondera and, once back in Rotterdam, spending countless hours to write the research report for submission in April.

Second, every student had to come up with creative activities to do with the orphans we would visit several times per week. We carried out finger painting, played football, made a wall painting, sang songs and made bracelets with them. Additionally, our students partook in fundraising efforts to bring in equipment and money for the fixing of a borehole at a local run-down old age home.

The final component of this trip marked the kick-off of the FairFight project. FairFight entails teaching underprivileged girls martial arts in an effort to help them gain confidence and empower them.

For more information on FairFight see the website and Facebook page. Also, take a look at the trailer for the documentary A Fair Fight:

Zimbabwe - A Fair Fight - Trailer 2015

In 2016, ten new students will travel back to Marondera in January. In the future, EUCSA committees are at liberty to propose and organize such trips independently.