Laurent Masson

Student Assistant for Website & Marketing Events

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Laurent Masson is a 20 year old French, Dutch and Swiss national who lived in Singapore and The Netherlands most of his life. He graduated from a French High School in The Hague and started his studies at EUC in 2013. He currently is a third year student, majoring in both Humanities and Business.

During his first year, Laurent became a student ambassador at EUC to promote the programme around the Netherlands. From there on, he was promoted to First Ambassador in charge of organizing marketing events, such as Open Days and Experience Days. Next to his work at EUC, he is also member of a non-profit organization aiming at empowering women through Martial Arts, FairFight.

Laurent is a big fan of Martial Arts (Kick Boxing, Tang Soo Do), traveling, and music (drummer).

Why do you work at EUC?

Being part of the very first batch of students joining EUC, I always felt a responsibility in making this programme as good as possible. I immediately loved everything about it, but also recognized that it was a brand new programme and thus needed considerable amount of work to get people to know about it.

As my main interest revolves around communication and marketing, I got more and more involved in that department throughout the years and really enjoy working here. The atmosphere amongst both student and staff is incredible and I have rarely experienced anything like it.