Marlies Koolhaas

Working Days: Monday - Thursday

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Marlies Koolhaas is Dutch and has a background in hospitality management. She started working at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2005, at Rotterdam School of Management. She was the programme manager for several masters, and was responsible for all communication with students, lecturers, exam board and partner universities of the CEMS network. She likes travelling very much, and tries to visit a new country every year (and managed to do so since 1999). As such, Marlies was the pioneer for EUC’s exchange partner network, which currently consist of 25+ partner.
In her role as Career Advisor, Marlies supports students in their endeavours to become even more attractive to future employers. Arranging workshops (How to use LinkedIn, Do’s and Don’ts for writing a good CV, How to prepare for a job interview, etc) and guiding students in finding an internship will be a part of her job. As Alumni Officer, Marlies connects with EUC’s alumni and she is also a part of the ACES board (alumni association).

Why do you work at EUC?

When EUC was set up, I really wanted to be part of the ‘building team’. I joined EUC in 2013 and I never regretted that decision. Building a new (and prestigious) programme from scratch with inspiring people makes a regular working day a special one. EUC students have a very international mindset and are ambitious to explore all the different paths they can take after finishing their bachelor’s programme.