Introduction Week

Introduction Week is the time first-year students get acquainted with university life. It is an exciting time for the new students filled with new friendships and diverse activities. The Introweek is planned and organized for students by students, with the Student Association, EUCSA, taking the initiative in this grand series of events. This year Introweek was yet another success for the student body aiming to bring new and existing students, as well as staff, closer together.  



New Students

The new EUC students getting excited about Introduction Week

The Dean's Speech

The annual dean's address from the fountain

Guided through the City

Exploring Rotterdam with the help of experienced EUC guides


The masterminds behind Introweek - Student Association Board


EUC Guides brimful of excitement

Party Time

EUCSA chair welcomes everyone to the Introweek party


Students & Staff join forces for an awesome karaoke night

In five days (Aug 26 - 30, 2018) the new students of EUC get introduced to what it means to be an EUC student. The programme varies from academic to social events and it is the first task for the newly elected Student Association board to plan over the summer months. Some of the activities are the dean's speech given at the EUC fountain, student & staff karaoke, information market, pub quiz on EUC and Rotterdam trivia, a crash course in Problem-Based Learning, campus tours, mingle with staff, dinner and so forth.

The plethora of activities ensures that the first-years are well-prepared for their new life in the city of Rotterdam. They aim at reinforcing the tight-knit community spirit of EUC and presenting a healthy social and academic lifestyle. EUCSA takes great pains to diversify and make fun the events as well as to make the transition to university life as smooth as possible.

Introweek succeeds because attention and planning are at its core. All new students are assigned to a group led by two experienced guides (second- or third-year EUC students). All groups have distinctive elements such as hats, bandanas, color themes, a matter of ingenuity and personal preference of the guides. EUCSA also enhances collaboration within the groups by organizing a Scavenger hunt throughout the week which ends with rewarding the winning group during the end-of-introweek party and providing a dinner with the dean in October. On the social spectrum of events, the student & staff karaoke and the Kralingse Plas Chill sessions (sports boot camp, painting area, salsa workshop, football, and Frisbee to mention a few) were the best accepted activities!


Introweek EUC 2018