Our student housing LUCIA is fully functional

LUCIA, where the first-year EUC students reside, has been in use for a couple of months but as of yesterday it was officially opened with a special reception for all involved parties in the project.

On February 5th 2018 everyone participating in the development and realization of the student housing available for first-year students at Erasmus University College got together to raise their glasses to the successful completion of the project.

It was a warm gathering between students representatives, EUC staff and external parties. All visitors were excited about the accomplishment and took turns to explore the facilities and the different types of rooms. The dean of EUC, a municipality policy adviser and the project coordinator exchanged pleasantries in speeches.  

New students at EUC will have the privilege to be living in this beautiful building located in the very center of Rotterdam just meters across the city hall. It is less than a ten-minute walk from the EUC main building with a spectacular view on its top floor. The basement consists of a variety of modern amenities such as a designated study area, common lounge with large dinner tables, a laundry room, to mention a few. The rooms themselves include a functional kitchenette and a private bathroom with shower. The students living at LUCIA currently have already made steps to personalize their space and reportedly feel much at home in the new premises.


Grand Opening - February 2018