Prof. Wim Hafkamp

Erasmus University College is a young, maturing and thriving community of students and staff. The lines are short, and the communication is direct. The Liberal Arts and Science Bachelor at EUC is so much more than a curriculum, so much more than ex cathedra teaching. Over the years, working in several roles at several universities on different continents I have come to find that universities cherish academic freedom, but leave very little of it to their own students. At EUC that is so different, so open, so inspiring. Bright students are introduced to many academic disciplines, from biology and philosophy, to economics and art history. A truly critical, academic attitude transcends the boundaries between disciplines.

Students are in charge of their own learning and doing, of assessing future opportunities while delving into the disciplines in our program. We want to be with them, all the way, and this goes far beyond our majors and minors, and the many courses that are available. The intellectual capabilities, the drive and creativity of our students are central. May the new cohort of EUC be another vital one.

Wim Hafkamp PhD, Dean, Erasmus University College and Full Professor in Environmental Sciences.