Elise Chalcraft (student for a day)

First Ambassador (student for a day)

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Elise Chalcraft was born in the United Kingdom and immigrated to Switzerland at the age of 11. She followed the Swiss public schooling system till the age of 16 before switching to the international boarding school Aiglon College and graduating in 2016 with an IB diploma. Now in her third and final year studying Liberal Arts & Sciences at Erasmus University College, Elise became First Ambassador with her primary focus on organising students for a day. Along with working closely with the MRAI team and the ambassador team, Elise works hard on attaining her minor of Sustainability and major of Sociology & Urban Studies. Elise is passionate both inside and outside of EUC and has recently played in the Quidditch Worldcup for the Dutch National Team in Italy. She was also part of the well known Charity Committee which helped raise over 4000€ in one evening. 

Why do you work at EUC?

EUC is a fantastic place to explore your passions and critically study multiple different subjects under one roof. I love working for EUC as it allows me to spread the knowledge of what a fantastic institution it is. Studying Liberal Arts & Sciences through a problem based learning format allows all fellow students from different backgrounds to all come together and combine their knowledge creating a multicultural and diverse way of learning.