Emma Zwerus

Coordinator of EUCjr

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Office Days: Tuesday & Thursday

Please contact via email to schedule an appointment. 


Emma was born in Belgium, but lived most of her life in the Netherlands. After attending high school in Leiden she became the second cohort of EUC, and graduated EUC in 2017 with a major in the Humanities field. During her years at EUC she made friends for life, developed skills in multiple fields as an ambassador but most of all established a passion for topics such as diversity and international politics. After her graduation she took a gap year to work in the United States, but returned to Rotterdam in August 2017 to fulfil the job of EUCjr coordinator. Meanwhile she is studying for her Masters degree in Governance of Migration and Diversity at the EUR, Leiden University and TU Delft. Emma enjoys travelling, reading and photography. 

Why do you work at EUC?

After my graduation from EUC I realised how valuable an educational institution is for development further in life. I am passionate about diversity, and more diversity in higher education could lead to more diversity in fields following higher education. I believe EUCjr is a very valuable project for the students participating, EUC and the municipality of Rotterdam. When I got the chance to become the coordinator of EUCjr, I was very happy to return to work in my beloved EUC environment, and glad to see many familiar faces in the MRAI team. During my two years working as an ambassador I was able to take a peak behind the scenes, and now I am excited to fulfil my new role in the MRAI team.