Tim Hensley

First Ambassador (school visits)

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Tim Hensley grew up in Brussels as a third-culture kid and followed the European Baccalaureate, graduating in 2016. The same year he moved to Rotterdam to start studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at EUC. Early in the second year of his Bachelor, Tim became First Ambassador with his primary focus being school visits in the Netherlands. He also supports the MRAI team at numerous events including Experience Days and the Dies Natalis celebration. While his aim is to attain a Double Major in Social and Behavioural sciences, Tim is also passionate outside his academic career. He is part of the EUSCA Health and Welfare committee and photographer at many EUCSA events.

Why do you work at EUC?

EUC is simply a great place to be and I love being part of an amazing team that offers thousands of students the possibility to be part of this programme. Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a wide variety of options and will make you into the critical world citizen that is needed today. It is essential that prospective students have all the information possible in order to make the decision about their future studies. EUC is fantastic for open-minded students and the MRAI team helps those students know this is the right place for them. I’m proud every time someone choses to be part of our great college.