Dr. Christian van der Veeke

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Coordinator, Tutor & Student Profile Track Coordinator

Office Days: Monday - Friday

Please contact via email to schedule an appointment. 


Dr. Christian van der Veeke is a political and social philosopher by training, but is also very much interested in history (broadly conceived, but social and political history in particular), and the arts (especially classical music). He did his PhD at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Erasmus University, where he wrote a dissertation on critical philosophy and democracy. Christian is very competitive when it comes to games and sports, and he has been a basketball player and trainer for many years. In his free time he likes to play (and watch) Dota 2, which is, in his view, in many ways very similar to basketball (and less stressful for the ankles). 

Why do you work at EUC?

Teaching, and inspiring young adults to broaden their horizon - intellectually, culturally - is my passion. Working at EUC gives me the opportunity to work with young, motivated people that are willing to look at themselves critically: as individuals and as part of a community (EUC) and global society.

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Aesthetics & Politics 
Big History 
Academic Writing 
Science, Technology & Society 
Late Modernity
Global History