Robin van den Akker, MPhil.

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Robin van den Akker is Lecturer in Continental Philosophy and Cultural Studies at Erasmus University College Rotterdam. He also is the academic program coordinator of the Humanities major at EUC.

Robin co-coordinates the 'Centre for Art and Philosophy' and is co-founding editor of the research platform 'Notes on Metamodernism', which maps and analyses changes in aesthetics and culture that are symptomatic of the post-postmodern condition. He acted as a curatorial advisor for art exhibitions and cultural events in, among others, New York, Moscow, Berlin and Amsterdam.

He has written on the digitization of everyday life and contemporary aesthetics and culture in the 'Journal of Aesthetics and Culture', 'Frieze', 'ArtPulse', 'De Groene' and 'NRC' as well as various other journals, magazines, and edited collections. As a member of the Dutch ‘Filosofisch Elftal’ - the ‘national team’ of philosophy - he has a regular column on current events in the daily newspaper 'Trouw'.

Robin is currently completing his dissertation on the implications of mobile and locative media for our practices in, and experiences of, urban public space. He studied Social History (BA), Media studies (MA) and Philosophy (MA) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Cultural Studies (MPhil, Distinction) at the University of Birmingham.

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Late Modernity: From Globalisation to Mediatisation 
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