Berna Isik, MSc.

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Berna Isik completed a BSc in Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam in 2014. Because of her interests in neurobiology and research, she applied for the Research Master Neuroscience at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. At the same time she became a tutor in biology, helping high school students prepare for their exams. After obtaining her master’s degree in 2016, she started working as a tutor in the Department of Life Sciences at EUC. 

Why do you work at EUC?

During my Master I became interested in education and I realized that I wanted to pursue my career in teaching. A colleague at the Erasmus MC introduced me to the Life Sciences Department of EUC and I immediately became enthusiastic on working here as a tutor. Now, I enjoy working at EUC because I like the student-centered approach of learning and the international environment. Being surrounded by such a variation of cultures is very inspiring!