Dr. Ana Vasques

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Dr. Ana Vasques was born in Portugal and spent her childhood in Angola and Brazil. During her research, Ana developed skills in Ecology, Environmental Sciences and Sustainability. She completed her BSc in Biology and her MSc in Ecology at the University of Aveiro (Portugal). In the meanwhile, she worked for a private research institute in Portugal, where she developed applied research in plant-insect interactions and pest management.

Later on, she completed a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences at the University of Aveiro and at the Mediterranean Center for Environmental Studies (Spain) and developed a postdoctoral research in Ecosystem Modelling at Utrecht University (The Netherlands). Besides work, Ana enjoys painting, creative writing and dancing.

Why do you work at EUC?

EUC has a unique combination of characteristics that I personally find very inspiring, such as the small classes with active students, the international and multidisciplinary setting, the open, personal and friendly atmosphere and the possibility of sharing my passion for the study of life. I feel very glad and honoured to work in such a vibrant environment, as well as to be part of this wonderful community.

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Ecology & Environmental Sciences 
General Biology
Epidemiology & Global Health

Papers in international scientific periodicals with referees

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Book Chapters

  • Vasques A., Keizer J. 2014. Development of ecological basis for the use of plant species in ecological restoration after serious disturbances in: Planning and management of natural resources. Tribute to Professor Doctor Celeste Coelho. António Ferreira, Fatima Alves and Jacob Keizer (eds). University of Aveiro, Portugal. ISBN 978 972 789 432 1; DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4641.4161 (written in Portuguese)
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  • Kéfi S., Vasques A., Schneider F., Rietkerk M., Mayor A.G., Verwijmeren M. Diaz-Sierra R., Baudena, M. August 2016. Response  of  Mediterranean  drylands  to  increasing  pressures.  Deliverable  6.1  of  the European project CASCADE: CAtastrophicShiftsindrylands:howCAnwepreventecosystemDEgradation?

Other Articles

  • Vasques A. 2014. Understanding plant functions to promote crop sustainability. Eds. Manuela Morais e António Serafim. Newsletter of the Network of the Environmental Studies in Portuguese speaking countries (REAPLP), 13, pp:15-16. Avaliable online at http://www.realp.uevora.pt/Divulgacao/Newsletters  (written in Portuguese).
  • Vasques, A. 2014. Use of natural engineering for water purification.  Eds. Manuela Morais e António Serafim. Newsletter of the Network of the Environmental Studies in Portuguese speaking countries (REAPLP), 11, pp:16-17. Avaliable online at http://www.realp.uevora.pt/Divulgacao/Newsletters  (written in Portuguese).