Alexandros Sarris

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Alexandros Sarris is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Erasmus University College coordinating the International Law Major. In the past, he has taught International Law Courses at Leiden University and has contributed  as a Graduate Research Fellow at Program on Negotiations at Harvard Law School and at MIT as an external Researcher at Science Impact Collaborative within the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. 

Alexandros current research examines the situation in the Arctic; the changing climate in the Arctic Ocean has given rise to legal concerns regarding national defense and mineral exploitation and as a result the question of State sovereignty over the Arctic has become again a matter of legal, political and environmental importance.

During his presence at PON Alexandros examines the issue of effective Governance and Consensus Building in the Arctic through the completely reform of the Arctic Council to an effective and relevant regional organization having the power to balance the conflicting interests among States, International Organizations, and the protection of the unique Environment of the Arctic. Moreover, he examines the possibility of the creation of a new Arctic Treaty that will provide an acceptable and enforceable legal regime

Why do you work at EUC?

The project that was presented to me to contribute in re-organizing and restructuring the International Law Major within the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Science is a challenge that I definitely want to participate in.