André Mamede


Office Days: Tuesday

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André is a Brazilian who came to the Netherlands several years ago seeking a path of excellent education and the opportunity to travel the world along this journey. He graduated Erasmus University College with a double major in Neurosciences and Clinical Psychology, and is now undertaking a Clinical Psychology Master program at EUR. André has practiced martial arts for many years and loves sports in general. However, he is also known to be an avid lover of series and films, often watching them with a hot cup of tea by his side.  

Why do you work at EUC?

I work at EUC because, as a student, and now as a tutor, I've always loved the atmosphere of this university and the diverse group of fascinating people who are brought together here. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to not only help students learn the academic material, but to have the chance to guide them in discovering their own unique set of strengths, interests and purpose.