Ashleigh Woodend

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Coordinator & Leadership Programme Co-coordinator

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Ashleigh Woodend comes from Zimbabwe and has a background in economics and financial economics. Prior to working at EUC, Ashleigh completed her studies at the Erasmus School of Economics. Given her nationality and academic background, Ashleigh has a strong passion for issues surrounding international development and conducts her research in this vain. In addition, Ashleigh loves to dance and read.

Why do you work at EUC?

I have worked at EUC since the day it opened its doors and was invited to come and work here following my work at Erasmus School of Economics. When I was presented with the opportunity to help develop this new organization focused on Liberal Arts, it was a no-brainer! Working in a truly multi-disciplinary team to provide education to hard-working and inspirational students was something that resonated with me.

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