Emma Bouterse

Current facets (Pre-Master)


Office Days: Monday - Friday

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Emma is an alumni of EUC that was born and raised around Rotterdam, the Netherlands. At EUC, she studied Humanities and Social & Behavioural Sciences and has been fascinated by these fields of study ever since. Emma wrote her capstone on the theory and application of Hunhu/Ubuntu philosophy in Zimbabwe. Her hobbies and interests include music, Renaissance art, sports and exploring new places.

Since 2015 she has actively been part of FairFight, a non-profit organization based in Rotterdam that aims to empower women and girls all over the world through teaching them martial arts and self defense. She holds a 2nd Dan black belt in Tang Soo Do.

Why do you work at EUC?

For the past three years (2013-2016), I have been a student at EUC and graduated with the Class of 2016 in July. Having been part of the EUC community since the very beginning of our college, I found it hard to let this go. EUC is not only a fabulous institution, but also one big family of amazing people from all around the world. Therefore, I wanted to stay connected and help make the EUC community prosper even more.

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