Lisenne Giel, MSc.

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Lisenne Giel grew up in Rotterdam where she studied Industrial & Organizational Psychology. She has always been interested in research & academia. She became a tutor in mathematics, Latin, & Greek at the age of 16. As a Bachelor student she continued her passion for research & academia by teaching courses in Psychology and becoming a research assistant for Dr. Noordzij. After her Masters she became a tutor in Statistics at EUC and started her PhD in 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Denktas, Dr. Noordzij, and Dr. Scholmerich.

Why do you work at EUC?

I joined EUC as a tutor in Statistics and started my PhD in 2015. I enjoy working at EUC because I believe in our student-focused approach of learning. It is the same kind of teaching I have experienced in my studies and it has truly nurtured both my personal and my intellectual growth. As a Aruban woman raised in Rotterdam I am used to a vast cultural diversity in my surroundings. As such, I am happy to be working in a university with such a cultural divers staff & student body.

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