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Roy Kemmers is a Lecturer in Sociology at EUC's department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Roy studied Sociology at Erasmus University, where he got a Bsc degree in 2008 and a Research Master's degree in 2010. After graduation he started working on a PhD about contemporary political discontents, or why people are distrusting politics, politicians and governments. Apart from that, he is a co-editor for the popular-scientific Sociologie Magazine.

Not a sociologist of a specific topic, he is interested in cultural sociology in the widest sense, ranging from politics and religion to race, gender and sexual identities: anything that people use to make sense of, and give meaning to, their lives in (late) modernity. Roy was born and raised just South of the Hague in the region Westland, also called the Glass City, after its vast amount of greenhouses where the world's tomatoes and flowers grow. He still lives there today with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys reading, and rocking with the band he's in with some friends, playing bass guitar.

Why do you work at EUC?

As a teacher / lecturer I aspire to make young people as enthusiastic about studying social life as I am. Seeing people's eyes open to the different perspectives with which the world is portrayed and perceived, and to make society and its many forms of both cohesion and conflict understandable is a very gratifying experience. At EUC, both the staff and the student population are very diverse both in terms of geographical background and life and work experiences.

This makes for many inspiring encounters and conversations. These are facilitated by the many extra-curricular (academic / social) activities that are either organized by or hosted at EUC. I've been part of the EUC community only since August 2015 but I'm feeling right at home here. It's a young and rapidly growing community and I'm very much looking forward to seeing it develop and contributing to the development as well.

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