Thanos Kostopoulos

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Thanos joined the Social and Behavioral Sciences department at Erasmus University College in the summer of 2016 with a background in Economics and Business. After his BSc studies in Business Administration he did an internship at the National Bank of Greece and at several private companies. However, the deep and long lasting economic crisis in Greece raised a lot of questions to him, in general about the failure of the mainstream economic models to predict the global economic crisis and in particular about the failure of policies that rely on those models to solve the problems of his country.

Those questions were enough to motivate him to travel in the Netherlands in 2015 for a MSc in Behavioral Economics at Erasmus School of Economics. His goal now is to find ways to improve public policies that mistakenly rely on the famous rationality assumption of human perfection and selfishness.

Thanos has always been a music lover and during his bachelor studies he was a radio producer in a local radio station. Now, he keeps spending most of his free time searching for new music. He also wishes he had a talent in painting, but since his lines are never straight he has compromised himself with photography.

Why do you work at EUC?

Teaching is a big challenge for me and at EUC you can interact with bright and highly motivated students. It's a very stimulating environment that encourages you to expand your horizons and pursue your goals. Being a member of the EUC community makes all the above enjoyable and easier.

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