Sara O'Keeffe

Student Counsellor

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Office Days: Monday, Tuesday and Friday

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Sara O'Keeffe is an Irish national, rugby supporter, member of Greenpeace, Amnesty International , Oxfam & MSF. Sara has previously worked in various international and national schools in both Holland, Ireland & Italy as teacher, counsellor and coordinator. Sara has also worked as an Adult Guidance Counsellor with a social partnership organisation in Dublin with a wide variety of clients – early school leavers, long-term unemployed, (ex-)prisoners, underprivileged students and more. She has been involved with coaching and training with disabled adults in Dublin as well.

Why do you work at EUC?

I found the job on the internet , while looking for a job for a friend. Saw the profile & saw the philosophy of the EUC, and fell in love. Wrote an application, and then harassed them untill they gave me an interview.