Yvette Hogenelst

Study Abroad Assistant

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Office Days: Wednesday & Friday

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In 2013, Yvette Hogenelst moved to Rotterdam to study International Communication and Media (IBCoM) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Initially, she started the program because of her enthusiasm for international journalism but throughout her studies, her interest for politics, especially for contemporary global challenges has grown. During her exchange to New Zealand, she participated in an international leadership program in which she followed seminars on religious diversity and the effectiveness of the United Nations. Her thesis on online hostility in relation to the ‘refugee crises’ also reflects her interests in both communication and these global challenges. Besides working at EUC, Yvette interns at Oxfam Novib. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at various human rights organizations, is learning Arabic, and occasionally tries to boost her surf skills as a member of the surf association in Delft.

Why do you work at EUC?

I am very glad I got the chance to start at EUC upon returning from my exchange semester! EUC’s international and vibrant community provides a great working atmosphere and the opportunity to develop my organizing and communication skills. I really enjoyed my exchange semester in New Zealand and as the Study Abroad Assistant I try to best facilitate students in their study abroad experience. Studying abroad is a great adventure, you will learn about a different culture/country, develop yourself and meet a lot of new people. I would therefore encourage every EUC student to take the plunge and apply for a study abroad semester!