Wander van Baalen

Double Degree Coordinator

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Wander van Baalen studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After completing his Bachelor degree in Media & Communication, he looked for a program in which he could pursue and further develop his interest in social justice themes. He was able to find that in the Media, Culture & Society programme from which he graduated Cum Laude in the summer of 2015. Wander is a staff member at the Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab (RASL) and fulfills the role of tutor in different academic core courses. In addition to his work at EUC, Wander is a research coordinator at Codarts focusing on how blended learning can enrich arts education.

Why do you work at EUC?

The curriculum offered at EUC is characterised by its flexibility. Students have the opportunity to explore a diverse collection of academic fields. I like the idea of tailoring a curriculum that fits the personal interest and ambitions of the student. Another aspect that I like about EUC is that it is more than just a learning community. The high level of interaction between staff and students, together with the frequent social events, create a sense of community on campus. And let’s be fair, is there really a better place to study than the city centre of Rotterdam?