Iris Bos

Coordinator of EUCjr

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Office Days: Monday - Friday

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Iris was born in the Dutch Sweet Lake City, Zoetermeer, and went to high school in The Hague. As part of the first batch of EUC students, Iris graduated in Liberal Arts and Sciences majoring in Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Many extracurricular activities such as being active in the EUCSA Board, EUCSA committees, Programme committee and the Zimbabwe trip have contributed to her personal development and (organisational) skills. Apart from this, Iris has a passion for dancing, especially salsa and bachata and tries to take part in the Erasmus Charity Run every year (which she accomplished so far!). Lastly, Iris likes to be involved with new and inspiring things ranging from meeting a new person to travelling to unique places to establishing new ideas and projects

Why do you work at EUC?

I strongly believe in the power of education since knowledge means freedom and development in many ways. The idea behind Liberal Arts and Sciences focusing on the link and connection between academic fields is something I strongly support. Our interconnected world and its related issues require many perspectives and nuanced solutions, which I think EUC students develop through their interdisciplinary and intense education. Being part of the development of EUC as an institution has been an honour from the beginning onward.