Marie van der Gaag

Programme Assistant for Humanities

Office Days: Monday - Friday

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Marie van der Gaag is a born and raised Rotterdammer who studied both Sociology and Educational Sciences. She joined us at the very start of EUC and is not planning to leave anytime soon. She is very much into music, in an observing way rather than being able to make it herself (unfortunately!).

Her research has focused on issues within academia, mainly in the fields of bureaucracy, autonomy and motivation. Combining educational topics with societal topics such as neoliberalism and new public management is something that is hopefully in store for her in the future.

Why do you work at EUC?

Working at EUC has provided me with many opportunities on many levels. Together with my colleagues, I try to offer students an enjoyable and stimulating educational environment. How I came to work at EUC is proof that life is full of coincidences (or fate?) and a sign that hard work pays-off big time. It is quite a long story, characterized by friendship, constantly trying to find solutions and late nights in the office. Feel free to ask me!