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Philipp Spengler studied Liberal Arts & Sciences at Erasmus University College before starting as a tutor in the Economics & Business department at EUC in 2020. He is a founder and the current chief editor of the EUC Student Academic Journal, which publishes outstanding papers from students at Erasmus University College. His interests lie in interdisciplinary research between economics and the humanities, with a particular focus on conceptual histories and the relationship between culture and institutions. Furthermore, he is interested in the impact of technological and environmental change on economic thought.”

Why I work at EUC

I believe that interdisciplinary collaborations are the key to confronting the issues we are posed today. Erasmus University College is training a new generation of scholars where interdisciplinarity is part of the program from the start. I am proud to be a part of this on-going project, and hope to bring it forward with my creativity and pro-active approach.