Prof. Semiha Denktas

Head of Department & Leadership Programme Coordinator

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Prof. Semiha Denktas was born in Istanbul Turkey. Since the age of 7 she has been in the Netherlands. She has studied in Utrecht and in Rotterdam, and she is head of the department of Social & Behavioral Sciences at the Erasmus University College (EUC). In 2013, Semiha joined EUC in its start-up phase, and she is responsible for curriculum development and execution, and building up a research program. Semiha is also a member of the Advisory Committee for Internationalization of Education (ACIE) at the Erasmus Univeristy, member of the workgroup Teaching in the International Classroom and she is chair of the workgroup Exchange and Outgoing Mobility. 

Semiha has a track record in large scaled multidisciplinary research programmes. She has supervised complex research projects in which scientists, (health care) professionals, policy makers and the public were involved. This type of scientific projects are not only demanding for solid leadership skills but also for the competence to translate scientific knowledge into useful (health and policy) tools. She designs studies to explain why and how behaviours change, with a focus on vulnerable groups in society. In these studies, environmental, personal, and behavioural characteristics are taken in to account as major factors in behavioural determination. The application of these theories are done in the areas of health, and education.

Why do you work at EUC?

I love to pioneer and setting up a new department in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment was a great challenge!